Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an architectural photoshoot take?

The length of an architectural photoshoot is mainly determined by the amount of final images needed to capture the key features of a project. A typical full day photoshoot usually produces around 10-12 final images, while 5-6 final images are typical for a half day photoshoot. It is not uncommon for larger scale projects to require multiple site visits/photoshoots to capture all the important features of the project.

How soon can we schedule an architectural photoshoot?

Photoshoots are scheduled about a week or two in advance for new clients. A signed proposal and deposit are required to book a date and ensure that no other photoshoots will be scheduled on that date. In the week(s) leading up to the photoshoot, it is encouraged to coordinate a site visit and/or share construction drawings, sketches, and renderings so we can become familiar with the project. This allows us to put together a shot list and plan of action to make the best use of the time available during the photoshoot.

Are all your images edited? Is editing included in your rates?

Even in optimal conditions photo editing is beneficial to the final product. And in many cases there is just as much, if not more, time and effort required in post production as there was in capturing all the images to get the desired results. The initial round of post production and a subsequent round of editing, after proofs are sent, are included in our standard rates.