A Flower in Bloom Meets Lighting Design

This weekend I took a trip to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair at the Jacob K. Javits Center to fulfill my design fix and get a sense of what I might start to see in future interior design photoshoots. While I didn't get to visit every booth, I believe I witnessed one of the coolest designs on display at the whole event in action. The Anemone Machine Flower is a mechanical light fixture that replicates a flower in bloom. It drew me in like a honey bee to nectar, pun intended. This awesome transforming fixture is designed and handcrafted by Shea Bajaj of Modern Verve, located in Seattle, Washington. Not only is Shea clearly a design genius, he is a really cool guy. So if you plan on attending the ICFF this year between May 21st and 24th, be sure to visit booth #108. 

The light fixture can be operated via remote control or pre-programmed. How amazing would it be to be woken up by a beautiful blooming flower of light instead of an annoying alarm clock!? For more information visit https://modernverve.com